Monday, June 6, 2011

Real Life Covers Real Life

It'd been a long time since I'd read Greg Dean's Real Life -- a webcomic that oddly enough, has very little connection to reality.  For crying out loud, it has a guy who reconfigures space-time within a localized field to make a small room several thousand square feet in altered space and travels light-years in seconds by warping the fabric of reality, and all in all, defying the laws of physics.

It does include a few instances of real life, of course...  The protagonists of Greg and Liz got married in the comic the same day the cartoonist got married in reality, and similarly so with Liz's pregnancy in the comic.  Then again, some of them were just plain off the wall, and then you realized that you knew a person just like that.  One of the oldest comics in the series (and also one of the earliest in color) involved Greg snacking on sticks of butter that had been dipped in melted butter...  I think it was a silly joke to signify his lack of cooking skills, but yet, I knew someone who actually did that.

Anyway, I got around to reading up on several of the comics that I'd missed, and went back through them, and ran across this one that really hit the bullseye.

That was me some time ago...  ever incensed to no end with the sea of stupid that imbued the fabric of www existence...  and was too lazy to do anything about it there.  Oh, I was active as hell in college (as most college students are), and after dealing with The Creature (as mentioned in the Karma post), I thought I could stomach the limits of human stupidity.  Unfortunately, I underestimated the power of collective stupidity.  Although The Creature was probably the limit of individual stupidity, the power of masses to gather and create a well of hopeless idiocy of such density that a black hole of ignorance forms from which no knowledge can be emitted and only high-energy corruptive radiation of brain-destroying content...  is something that could not be overlooked for very long.  So I broke out of this spell, and here I am doing something I never thought I would -- writing a manuscript on the subject, and writing a blog.

Why bother?  To paraphrase an old adage,
Stupidity persists because reasonably intelligent people do nothing.