Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Arkansas Proves Itself Worthy of Notice

...  by showing that they, too, can set new and previously unimaginable benchmarks in human stupidity and downright evil.  So we all expect this sort of thing out of states in the deep South like Texas, Mississippi, Alabama, etc.  Arkansas technically falls under the same wing when you think about it, but because the stupid burns so deep in those other areas, and also quite recently, that Arkansas kind of just never really gets noticed.  After seeing the Texas Republican Party proclaim proudly that they are against thinking, I made it clear that they deserve a mighty eradication from existence.  But now, I feel it is only fair to include Arkansas Republicans in the picture, too.

Congratulations, Jon Hubbard, Charlie Fuqua, and Loy Mauch.  You, too, much like the entire Texas Republican Party, Michele Bachmann, Todd Akin, Rick Santorum, Paul Broun, et al. all deserve to be launched directly into the sun where every last molecule of your physical substance will be vaporized and all of existence will be better off.

So let me begin with Jon Hubbard who has made a name for himself by proclaiming that putting blacks into slavery may well have been a "blessing in disguise."  His reasoning?  Well, apparently, it's because blacks are by in large inherently inferior to whites, and therefore those few blacks who were tough enough to handle the strife of slavery are good enough to be worth a dime.  In his own words, he claimed that those blacks who managed to be a cut above and survive slavery were gifted with U.S. citizenship...  except of course for the fact that that never happened.  But he's a Republican, so facts are something that can't be allowed in the sphere of consciousness.  East is purple and poodles have gills.

Oh, but that's hardly the limit of his brainless failures.  He, of course, claims that integration of blacks into "ordinary" schools has caused education to get downgraded to the point that minorities are now dragging down the otherwise inherently superior white students.  Really...  So black people are the ones who caused education in the U.S. to go downhill.  It has nothing to do with defunding of educational programs, cutting down public school systems, poor parenting, or the fact that religious nutbars through several regions of the country want to make science illegal in school, and people advocate the abolition of actual math prior to college.

Shall I keep going?  How does he figure blacks dragged whites down?  Well, because Blacks simply "can't learn the value of a good education", and the presumed lax attitudes they offer spread to their otherwise intelligent white compatriots, causing everybody to go downhill...  sigh~~~~

Now, all of these quotes come not from Hubbard's own lips, but from a book he wrote in 2009 titled "Letters To The Editor: Confessions Of A Frustrated Conservative."  I can see why he's frustrated -- he's behind the times by a century or two, and so he's having trouble coming to grips with the fact that every living thing on Earth is morally superior to him.  Given that it was back in 2009, I find it conceivable that nobody bothered to actually read up on his opinions

It doesn't work out that well for Charlie Fuqua, who is currently running for a seat in Arkansas.  This guy published his book this year, and in that one, he argues for the forceful deportation of all Muslims.  In his blog, he writes of an alliance between liberals and Muslims.
Both are Antichrist in that they both deny that Jesus is God in the flesh of man, and the savior of mankind. They both also hold that their cause should take over the entire world through violent, bloody, revolution,
In his case, the publication is pretty recent, and it means.  But I'll give him credit -- at least he's one of the few Fundamentalist Christians who actually appears to understand that the Bible actually refers to the term "antichrist" in plural, and not some individual figure. But one wonders what his picture of Muslims is.  Considering history, I'd wager a guess that his definition of Muslim is "anybody who has brown skin."  But then the most interesting thing that Fuqua has to offer is his idea of juvenile discipline.  You see, he wants to take child discipline straight out of the Bible.  Now you read this, and you might think that this means beating your children with a stick if they get unruly...  you know, the whole "spare the rod, spoil the child" business.  Nope.  Not far enough, in Fuqua's mind.  Instead, he looks to the disciplinary edicts of Deuteronomy chapter 21.  If your children are disobedient, or use foul language...  kill your children.  No, I'm not kidding.  This guy unapologetically proposes the idea of instituting the death penalty (with parental consent, apparently) for naughty kids.  The argument is that it will prove a powerful deterrent by giving parents the legal authority to order the murder of their kids.  Wow...  just...  wow...

Oh, and then we can't forget Loy Mauch.  Another sitting rep in the Arkansas House.  This is a guy who is a big fan of the Confederate flag, calling it a symbol of Christian liberty against the New World Order...  of the 1860s.  Here's a guy who proclaims boldly that Abraham Lincoln is a neurotic war criminal who "committed premeditated murder on the Constitution."  His argument for slavery is unsurprisingly Biblical.  Indeed, the Bible promotes slavery, and this is in fact among the arguments used back in the 19th century in favor of slavery.  But just to show that he thinks he's secular he poses the question, "Why was it in the Constitution [in the first place], and why wasn't there a war before 1861?"  You know...  that's a good question.  It's so strange that it took over 70 years from the birth of this nation for people born in archaic times with sufficient immigration of people running from other countries overrun with religious disputes to actually advance morally as a society to the point where the likes of Jesus and Paul are relegated to the role of the morally backwards savages they are.  It should have happened much quicker than that!  What?  It's not as if societies are things that can't change their moral values at the drop of a hat!

What really gives me a sinking feeling in my stomach is that at least two of these people mentioned (namely, Hubbard and Mauch) are actually elected Representatives.  Seriously?  Not only have there been people who voted for these guys, but enough so that they proved the favored entrants within their represented districts.  People actually elected these sewer rats.  It would be nice if that meant their opponents were actually even worse, but that would be giving the voters too much credit.  It's possible that they simply don't know they're this evil, but I find it hard to imagine that someone could be this earth-shatteringly crazy and not expose a hair of it.

So to Arkansas Republicans.  I am sorry for not giving you the attention you deserve.  You lot are hopeless disgraces to humankind deserving of eradication from all of existence, too.  You stand shoulder-to-shoulder with other fine examples of morally destitute scum who can massively benefit the human race by leaving it.  Please do so immediately.  We will thank you for your departure.

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