Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Proof of Hopeless Idiocy

I'm rarely ever shocked by anything Pat Robertson says.  I mean, the guy has a long history of being a delusional idiot, misogynistic, anti-gay, anti-science, anti-reality living monument of utterly criminal disgrace to all of humanity.  So when he comes out and claims that Haitians made a pact with the devil which caused their Mega-earthquake, or secular ideals caused Sandy and so on...  it's pretty much on par with all he ever says.

Then he floored me with this one. 

Link --

Holy friggin' crap.  He actually shot down Young Earth Creationism.  Now of course, he's still a full-blown old-earth creationist, which is still the most common type out there.  But still, here he is talking about accepting indisputable evidence and how the Bible doesn't actually say anything specific about the age of the Earth, and the 6000-year figure is simply the calculation of a single Bishop.  Seriously...  to have arrived at that requires a total mass of functioning gray matter that exceeds ZERO!!!

But beyond that, it also implies that the real YECs out there like Ken Ham and well...  a saddening 47% of the United States population are so incredibly dumb that even Pat Robertson is calling you out.  Even in this clip, there's a viewer writing in in just such a way that it implies that she may be a YEC without actually admitting it, and Pat here is actually telling her...  you're an idiot if you think that.  I can imagine the Answers in Genesis crowd, and quite likely Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron are out there raring up to denounce Robertson as a fake believer or deceived by Satan, though that's a dangerous game to play against someone with as much clout as Pat Robertson.  Still, they would likely do so not because it has any possibility of being true, but because it's far easier for people like them to convince themselves extraordinarily contrived bollocks that wouldn't hold muster for even the shabbiest of writing than it is to accept that you're actually wrong about something.

Well, Pat Robertson is no exception to this group, really.  He's just showing that the YECs are even worse than he is.  I say...  there can't be better evidence of you being an idiot of such magnitude that you are unworthy of drawing a single breath than this.

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